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Ocean City, NJ has it all. Eight miles of beautiful beach, world-class boardwalk, amusements, great restaurants, and much more. It truly is America's Greatest Family Resort! Whether you are planning a weekend getaway, a week-long trip, or an entire summer at the shore, Berger Realty has the best of what Ocean City, NJ has to offer in vacation rentals. If you are looking for a single-family home, Berger Realty has the largest selection of rental properties in Ocean City, NJ. Vacation rentals can book fast, so start your search early for the best selection and find your property at the shore.
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The Best Beach House Rentals in OCNJ ocean city nj summer rentals

If you're looking for a vacation rental that's similar to what an Airbnb offers, then you need to check out our beach house rentals in Ocean City, NJ. Even if you're looking for last minute ocean rentals, we can likely help you. At Berger Realty we specialize in putting together incredible summer house rentals in Ocean City, NJ and in other beautiful locations. We have several different types of weekend rentals and even season-long rentals that you're sure to love. Here's everything you need to know about our OCNJ vacation rentals that outshine the Airbnb experience.

We Have Several Different Types of Rental Properties in OCNJ

One incredible aspect of our real estate rentals is that we offer several different types of rental properties. Generally, our rental properties on the Jersey Shore fall under these categories:

  • One-bedroom homes
  • Single-family homes
  • Townhomes
  • Condos
  • Apartments

Our one bedroom rentals in Ocean City, NJ are the perfect choice for couples looking to make the most of their beach trip. We have new homes for rent, cozy condos for rent, as well as incredible deals on shore houses in Ocean City, NJ that are only steps away from the sand. Our homes for rent have between one and six bedrooms so you can find the right size for your family or group. Several of our houses to rent also include sleeper couches for the children.

Browse Vacation Homes in Ocean City, NJ That Are Filled With Amenities

ocean city nj vacation rentals

Besides our homes for rent, we also have apartments for rent. These are great last minute vacation rentals because we typically always have a few ready to be snatched up. When choosing to stay in our apartments for rent, you have ease of access to the beach as well as several other amenities. We know it can be difficult to find OCNJ rentals with an elevator. Many of our apartments are equipped with elevators and other accessibility features, so everyone in your group can enjoy a beach vacation! Our apartments for rent make it easier. Finally, our yearly apartment rentals make vacationing in the city just that much more affordable.

Our condo rentals are similar to our apartment vacation rentals in that they also offer several amenities. Our privately-owned Harbor House Ocean City, NJ rentalshave several different options available, including condo rentals with an ocean view. When choosing our condo rentals, you can be sure that if there are any problems with the unit, just like Airbnb, we'll take care of it for you. You can enjoy your trip to OC without any worries. Our condo rentals are also a more affordable approach to experiencing the very best that Ocean City Jersey Shore has to offer.

Aside from our condo rentals, you may prefer an entire home to yourself. Our beach houses elevate every travel experience, offering greater privacy, ample space for families, and better value for the money. We offer Ocean City, NJ vacationers a wide variety of home rentals to choose from. Looking for Ocean City oceanfront rentals? Even our one-bedroom rentals can come with a view! Prefer the stillness of the bay? Watch the sunset from one of our Ocean City, NJ bayfront rentals! Our vacation home rentals in New Jersey allow you the privacy and luxury that you want when planning a vacation. No matter which of our houses for rent you book, you’re going to love your stay.

Our Summer Vacation Rentals in OCNJ Offer Amenities

When you book one of our Jersey Shore rentals, you’ll bask in our array of amenities. We have rental homes with pools that are the perfect choice for when you need a break from the salt and sand. Rental homes with a pool also offer you a chance to invite friends and family over for your private afternoons in the sun! Many of our beachfront rentals are equipped with a private pool, so you can enjoy both the sand and the chlorine whenever you choose! Summer house rentals with a pool are a great way to make your beach vacation in Ocean City even more memorable.

We Have Beachfront Rentals

Want to be in the center of the action? Our OCNJ boardwalk rentals put you right there. These condos and homes for rent overlook the beach, giving you a beautiful view of the sunrise over the water in the early morning. As the day continues, these oceanfront rentals offer an escape from the crowd without being too far removed. When you’re ready for a slice of pizza for dinner, your favorite slice is just a few steps away when you stay in one of our oceanfront condos or houses to rent. After a fun-filled night enjoying the rides with your family or friends, retreat to your oceanfront rental and enjoy our luxury amenities. When you want the very best of what Ocean City has to offer, book your stay in one of our summer rentals!

Bring Your Pets

Some of our vacation rentals with pool, or new homes in OCNJ also allow pets. There are several Jersey Shore pet friendly rentals in the area you want to stay in. If you're looking for last minute vacation rentals in New Jersey, then we have summer rentals for you. Bring your favorite pet along with you. They're sure to love condos on the beach or other real estate rentals.

We understand that it can be difficult to leave your pet at home. Many of our summer rentals by owner allow for pets, so you can bring them with you. When you need last minute ocean rentals that allow pets, our services can help you find the shore houses that fit your needs.

Stay as Long as You Want with Our Yearly Apartment Rentals in OCNJ

If you find that you love staying in OC, NJ, then why leave? Our vacation rentals by owner and our very own condos on the beach have various durations from which you can choose. We have half week rentals, daily rentals, nightly rentals, yearly apartment rentals, seasonal rentals, weekly rentals, and even last minute ocean rentals. We understand that you sometimes want your weekend condo rentals to last just a bit longer. You're having such a great time in OCNJ that you don't want the fun to ever end. Instead of just choosing daily rentals or nightly rentals, why not try our half week rentals? Those who really love the area may opt for our weekly rentals or even our seasonal rentals.

Need A Last Minute Beach Rental? We Can Help!

ocean city nj beach house rentals

OCNJ is a popular vacation destination for people all over. Because of this, many of our summer rentals and seasonal rentals by owners go fast. But don’t worry! We can help you secure daily rentals, nightly rentals, weekly rentals, and even half-week rentals all with a few clicks of your mouse. Booking a last-minute OCNJ vacation can be stressful, but we make finding the perfect place to stay possible with a list of available beach home rentals. Simply tell us the dates you’re looking to book our beach rentals and the size of your group, and we’ll find you a match. Although we recommend booking your rental property as soon as possible, we understand it’s not always possible. No matter when you decide to vacation in OCNJ, you can book your summer rental with flexibility and ease when you choose Berger Realty.

Why Should You Book Our Beach House Rentals?

If you find that you love staying in OC, NJ, then why leave? Our vacation rentals by owner and our very own condos on the beach have various durations from which you can choose. We have half-week rentals, daily rentals, nightly rentals, yearly apartment rentals, seasonal house rentals, weekly rentals, and even last-minute ocean rentals. We understand that you sometimes want your weekend condo rentals to last just a bit longer. You're having such a great time in OCNJ that you don't want the fun to ever end. Instead of just choosing daily rentals or nightly rentals, why not try our half-week rentals? Those who love the area may opt for our weekly rentals or even our seasonal rentals.

You can even find rentals with pool. While hotels have pools, you're also sharing them with dozens of other guests. Our rental homes with pools are reserved for you and your family. They're cleaner and taken care of more frequently. Beach vacation rentals give you every benefit of a beach trip while also making you feel like you live there. You don't feel like you're on a trip when staying at one of our beach front rentals on the Jersey Shore. You feel like you own the rental property.

Why You Should Choose Us to Find Your Perfect Vacation Homes ocean city house rentals

It's not easy to find vacation homes for rent in OCNJ. Between high demand and figuring out what part of Ocean City, NJ you want to stay in, it can be difficult to find the perfect rental. The first step is to figure out what type of rental you want. Are you looking to stay in an apartment or condominium, or are you looking to rent the first floor of a house? Once you figure out the rental type you prefer, then it's time to decide how long you are looking to rent for and where you want to stay. Some prefer to rent near the boardwalk while others prefer to rent farther back near Bay Avenue. Figuring out these decisions will help you narrow down the list of possible vacation rentals.

Looking For Weekly Beach Rentals in Ocean City, NJ? We Can Help!

In addition to offering rentals with a pool, we also have home rentals facing the ocean. If you have a favorite beachside location that you want to stay in, we can help you narrow your summer home rental search to that area. We have several beach house rentals overlooking the ocean or bay, giving you your favorite waterside view. With weekly and weekend condo rental options, you can pick and choose how close you want to be to the center of the action. If you’d like to be away from the thick of the tourists, we suggest one of our more secluded vacation homes for rent. Or, if you prefer immediate access to the energy of the beach, consider our beach rentals oceanfront! No matter where you want to stay or for how long, we have several different new homes and vacation rentals by owner ready for you to enjoy.

We'll Help You Find Investments

Perhaps when staying at one of our beach rentals, you may realize that there are plenty of investment opportunities to be had with beach vacation rentals in OCNJ. We can make you become one of our rentals by owner.

If you have dreams of owning your own beach rental, vacation rental, or condominium rental, then we can help. Not only do we have rental properties, but we also sell many of our beach front rentals and house rentals. We have a huge list of summer rentals just waiting to be snatched up by new owners. If you're tired of renting beach vacation rentals, then buying your own summer home rentals may be a great option.

Not only will you save money on your trips going forward, but you can also turn them into investments. You can turn your beach rentals, vacation rentals, vacation rentals with pool, and house rentals oceanfront into a great method for adding to your retirement fund. Real estate rentals are a great way to make passive income even after you retire. Our expert team will help you find the vacation home rentals or condo rentals oceanfront that fits your needs. Whether you need something like condo rentals oceanfront where most of the work is done for you or you want to be more hands-on with vacation home rentals, we'll put together a list of properties for you.

Owning real estate and turning it into a summer rental property is a great investment. We can help you purchase and list a weekend rental, beachfront rental, oceanfront rental, and any other type of summer home rental! After purchasing real estate, we’ll help you promote it as a summer rental property for vacationers. We'll help you grow your guests, so you can start earning back on your investment!

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When you're looking for a real estate investment to turn into a summer rental property, let us help! We can help you transform your beach property into a popular oceanfront rental.

Best Beach Rentals in OCNJ

Grab Your Rental Property in OCNJ Today

Airbnb has become a popular rental service for visiting tourists. It has allowed typical homeowners living in tourist destinations to earn extra money during busy seasons. Our team at Berger Realty can help you do just that! Whether you want to buy a property and transform it into a popular summer house or condo rental, or if you're interested in booking a shore vacation home rental in OC, New Jersey, our team can help. Here's how we make finding oceanfront condo rentals and other types of beach vacation rentals easy in Ocean City, NJ.

We Have Tons of Summer Rentals by Owner in Ocean City, New Jersey

As one of the most popular vacation rental companies in OCNJ, we have tons of summer home rentals available. Whether you want an oceanfront rental or a condo with a pool closer to the bay, you'll find listings with us. Your stay on the Jersey Shore can be made all the more enjoyable when you choose our home rentals in Ocean City.

From weekend condo rentals for a last-minute getaway to summer-long rentals in Ocean City, NJ, you’ll have complete flexibility. Choose to visit Ocean City and stay in a Berger Realty property for a trip you’ll never forget.

We Have Tons of Home Rentals for Purchase on the Jersey Shore

If you’re looking to create an Airbnb-like investment in Ocean City, NJ, consider one of our homes for sale. We have tons of choices for investors like the following:

  • Apartments for rent
  • Shore vacation home rentals
  • Condos
  • Houses
  • New homes
  • Beach house rentals
  • Rentals with pool
  • Rentals by owner

With so many options, you may not be sure which condo rentals or apartments are the right for you. That's where our expert realtors in NJ can help. Because we have local experience, we can find you the oceanfront rentals that work best for your needs. We'll find shore houses or other rental properties that can work as both a rental and a primary home for yourself.

Working with our agency ensures that your investment in your beach house in OCNJ starts strong.

We Have Homes for Rent for Any Duration

While many may be interested in weekend rentals, we have apartments for rent, condo rentals, and shore vacation rentals that extend beyond that. We have daily rentals, half week rentals, and even yearly apartment rentals. Our summer home rentals enable you to book vacation homes for rent every year. Your spot is guaranteed.

Our weekly rentals also ensure that you can stay at our houses to rent for the entire week without concern. If you want to stay an entire season at our houses, then you should look into our seasonal rentals.

No matter if you need yearly apartment rentals or just weekend rentals, we have the summer home rentals in OCNJ that serves your needs.

Check Out Our Rentals Today

Our shore vacation rentals are the perfect choice for investors and vacationers alike. Using our agency makes finding the perfect beach rental easy. We offer short-term house rentals, nightly oceanfront rentals, and even rental homes with luxury amenities like heated pools. Our vacation homes allow you to enjoy your vacation on your terms.

Investors will love the numerous real estate rentals we have available. With a regularly updated list of available properties, you'll know of all the latest beachfront rentals faster than anyone else. Invest in our real estate summer rentals to start earning passive income!

Ocean City Rentals for the Perfect Vacation

Dreaming about the perfect rental for your vacation to Ocean City? What are you waiting for? There are plenty of Ocean City rentals available from Berger Realty. Extended vacations in Ocean City, NJ should be comfortable and luxurious. Whether you are looking for the best vacation rentals in Ocean City, or interested in investing, Berger Realty is here to help.

We can help find luxury summer rentals in Ocean City that meet all of your vacation needs. Find the perfect rental for your girls' weekend or a property big enough to host the entire family for your yearly trip to the shore. You can browse different Ocean City, NJ properties that offer sought-after features, like beachfront views or rentals close to the boardwalk. With all the rental opportunities available in Ocean City, the fun never stops. Start your Ocean City rentals search by contacting Berger Realty today.