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  "We are committed to taking care of our customers before and after the sale by not only selling our clients a property, but also working hard to make sure our clients have the best opportunity to get their homes rented."

Leon K. Grisbaum, Owner

Welcome to our Rental Homeowners Information Center. This page is designed to give you a "one-stop" shop for all the information you need to rent your property through Berger Realty.

About our Rental Department

Rentals are a priority at Berger Realty. As an owner renting through Berger Realty, you will have the largest office in Ocean City with the most knowledgeable agents and staff working for you. Berger Realty has 3 offices in Ocean City to serve you. Our main office, at 3160 Asbury Avenue, has 14 full time rental agents, 2 internet rental specialists, 12 members of management and staff plus several full time sales agents that also work to rent or sell your property. With offices at 55th Street and Haven Avenue and 17th Street and The Boardwalk, Berger Realty covers the entire island with agents that will work to rent and/or sell your property. With all of the offices combined, you have more than 100 full time, experienced agents and employees to assist you with all of your Sales and Rental needs. We are now writing over 10,000 leases per year.

To better serve the owners, we have divided the island up into territories. Each agent has an assigned area that they are responsible for. Within their assigned area the agents solicit for new rental listings, make sure there are signs on the properties and keys in all of our offices, keep in contact with the owners, familiarize themselves with all of the properties, write the comments to be posted on our website, and numerous other duties. Should you need to contact your assigned agent or would like information about listing your property for rent, here is a list of the territories with the agent assigned to them and the office they work out of: