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  • At Berger Realty, our reliable and experienced sales agents set us apart from any other agency in town. We’re a family-owned business with over 100 years of successful home sales and delighted sellers.
  • There are a number of decisions to make when listing your home, but the first step is choosing who to work with. We’ll make that decision easy for you, with over 100 years of sales experience, being a small, family-owned business has allowed us to give our customers the attention they need and the compensation they deserve.
  • We’ll agree, there’s a lot to consider when deciding to list your home, but at Berger Realty, we’ll not only make it a seamless selling process, but we’ll be sure you get the compensation you deserve.

When selling a house, it's important to price it correctly. Too high and the house will stay on the market forever, while other properties in the area will be sold. Too low and the seller won't be getting fair value in the sale. The housing market is extremely competitive, and buyers will always tend to go for a good deal, regardless of the qualities of the house.

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