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Make OCNJ Your Home Away From Home

Make OCNJ Your Home Away From Home

Finding the right city in which to buy a home can be difficult. If you're looking at the New Jersey shore-Philadelphia region, a great place to look at is Ocean City, New Jersey. A robust housing market plus an overall excellent quality of life make Ocean City a wonderful place in which to start your home search.

The Winning Quality of Life

When we say winning quality, we mean it. Ocean City, NJ is ranked #4 on a list of the best places to live in New Jersey! The city's schools are high quality, and the city is generally pretty safe (though as with any city, you should exercise common sense when it comes to safety). In this coastal town, the air quality is generally excellent! This is a peaceful city where you can buy or rent a vacation home, or even make your full-time home.

The Boardwalk & Beach

It's not called Ocean City for nothing. The city boasts a 2.5-mile boardwalk and beach with so many activities and sights to enjoy. There's almost always something new for you to see or do. Relax on the sand, play in the surf, stay on the boardwalk and visit one of the many Ocean City cafes, or see one of many attractions nearby -- there really is something for everyone.

Like live music? Hang out at the Music Pier, where the Ocean City Pops Orchestra performs concerts. Prefer learning about local history and don't need to be right at the beach? Travel a few blocks inland to visit the Ocean City Historical Museum. Kids eager for an amusement park roller coaster ride? OCNJ has piers, parks, and funhouses full of amusement park rides and mazes right at the beach. And of course, you can always spend a relaxing day at home, soaking in the sunshine and fresh seaside air.

The Family-Friendly Environment

Ocean City has one more quality that makes it a great place for a first or second home: It's alcohol- and bar-free. It's a dry city with a nearly nonexistent party scene. To enjoy a pub or bar, you'll have to travel to a neighboring city. Because OCNJ is a dry city, it's highly geared toward family events and calmer environments. This is an excellent location to buy a home and plan to raise your family without worrying about a noisy commercial district disturbing your peace. And even if you aren't concerned about noise levels, it's nice to be able to bring your children everywhere and find plenty of ways to have fun that don't rely on drinking.

If you're ready to buy a home in one of the best locations along the New Jersey shore, OCNJ is the place to look. Whether you want to find weekly rentals in Ocean City, NJ to get a feel for the town or you're ready to browse homes for sale in Ocean City, NJ>, Berger Realty can help you find the right house or apartment. Contact us to arrange for a consultation and to look at listings now!