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Condo Vs Beach House: Which Is Right For You?

Condo Vs Beach House: Which Is Right For You?

When you are searching for the right real estate purchase, you will find yourself having to decide between a condo and a beach house. While both have their perks, they also have big differences that you should consider when searching for the right property. Keep these in mind when looking for homes for sale in Ocean City, NJ.

HOA Amenities

You will most likely have an HOA for any condo purchase, and some beach houses may also be a part of an association if they are in an established neighborhood. As a part of an HOA, you can expect access to community areas such as pools, recreation areas, and clubhouses that are onsite and available for the property owners to use. The HOA policy will cover any maintenance required in shared spaces or walls throughout the condominium.


With condos, there isn't any personal outdoor space, and property landscaping is paid equally among owners in the HOA. With a beach house, there is a private lawn in the front, back, or both, and they need to be maintained regularly. If your beach house is in an HOA community, some offer this service as a part of the amenities, but most beach house owners are finding and securing regular landscaping on the property.

Beach House Maintenance

Any maintenance required on the beach house property will be the owner's full responsibility. Since this is a stand-alone property, owners must interact with maintenance contractors for repairs, even if it is rented out throughout the year. They are also expected to cover the full expense of these repairs when required. This also means though that repairs can happen quicker and a beach house owner has the flexibility to choose the contractor of their choice instead of someone who an HOA hires.

Rental Restrictions

When it comes to owning a condo or a beach house, your ability to rent the property and the restrictions placed on rentals can be very different. For example, your condo's HOA may limit what time of the year you can rent the property, the number of guests, and other stipulations because it is a joined community. With a beach house, there are fewer restrictions placed on the property. Visitors to the area are usually more likely to rent a beach house because it is a separate property. What you allow is between you and the rental company that you are working with during this process.

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