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3 Must-Have Beach Home Features

3 Must-Have Beach Home Features

A dream for many people is to purchase a beach home. When you have a property located on or near the beach, you will have a great place to unwind and have fun while staying near the ocean, which offers natural beauty and plenty of recreational options. When you are shopping for Sea Isle City real estate or a beach house in another location, there are three must-haves that you need to ensure are included in your new home.

Proximity to the Ocean

One of the factors that you will want to consider when you are looking for a beach home is the proximity to the ocean and beach access. The main reason that people will want to come to the ocean to purchase real estate is to be able to access it. While beachfront real estate can be more expensive in this part of New Jersey, there are still many benefits that come with being near the ocean.

Ideally, when you are shopping for a beach home in New Jersey, you will find a property that allows you to quickly walk to the beach. However, if this is not possible, finding one that offers nearby public beach access and proper transportation to get to the beach is a good option. When you have this, it can increase the chances that you are able to use the beach as much as possible. It will also make it more convenient when you are making trips back and forth.

Outdoor Living Space

While you will want to have immediate access to the beach, there are still going to be plenty of times when you want to spend your night relaxing at home and entertaining. Because of this, you will want to have a beach home that also has an outdoor living space. This can include having a nice backyard, a deck or porch, or even a balcony. If you are part of a larger condo building, looking for one that has a place to grill and entertain is also a good idea. When you have an outdoor space, you will be able to enjoy the nice weather, offer kids a place to play, and prepare and enjoy a great meal.

Storage Space

When most people think about a beach house, they dream of days spent at the beach, having fun, and entertaining all guests. However, a beach home also will have standard practical needs, which are shared by other types of housing and homes as well. One need that any beach house needs to have is plenty of storage space. When you own a beach home, you will have standard storage needs, such as for yard equipment, clothing, and bedding. However, you will also likely need storage for beach equipment including chairs, blankets, umbrellas, kayaks, rafts, and sand toys. You should make sure that you have a garage, shed, or indoor storage space that can properly accommodate this need.

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