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Top Instagram-Worthy Spots for Photos in OCNJ

Top Instagram-Worthy Spots for Photos in OCNJ

When visiting the incredible shores and city of Ocean City, NJ, you need to hit up some of the most Instagram-worthy spots for that picture-perfect. The city of Ocean City, NJ has a ton of beautiful areas to explore and capture. Here are five of those spots that you need to visit for your perfect Instagram post.

1. Seaspray Beach

This area has a ton of great spots for some Instagram photos. Everything from dunes to beachside houses makes up a perfect landscape. The best time to hit up this particular beach is in the morning. The sun offers a warm glow that can't be found anywhere else.

You'll also find plenty of beautiful trails that can make for interesting photos, too.

2. Longport Bridge Beach

If you're not in time to capture the sunrise, then you can always try for the sunset. To receive the best sunset photo at OCNJ, you need to head to Longport Bridge Beach. This is the only beach that directly faces the sunset. You'll have beautiful sand, dunes, and even some greenery in this area.

If you love using props, then you'll also find the nearby dock and Longport Bridge useful. While this area is a little off the beaten track, that just means you'll have more privacy to take your photos.

3. The Docks on the Bay

Whether your models are sitting on the docks or posing in some other way, you can have a lot of fun at the various docks that line the bay. Some of them feature carefully nurtured wood that looks incredible under a sunset.

You'll find small docks as well as larger ones if you want to take a group photo. You may even find that your Jersey Shore vacation rentals come with a few docks that are perfect for Instagram.

4. The Ocean City Boardwalk

If you love capturing pictures featuring people or beach life, then you need to visit the boardwalk. As with any respectable boardwalk, you'll find games, restaurants, vendors, and rides. You have your pick of the various props and backdrops that you want to use.

5. Corson's Inlet

If you prefer photos that feature a little less controlled nature, then you need to visit Corson's Inlet. You have a small beach to work with, but you'll also have a large field of marshes that can offer stunning photos. There's also plenty of wildlife to be found here.

Plan Your Instagram Route

There's no shortage of incredible locations to take photos for Instagram. These top five Instagram-worthy spots can get you started. To make the most of your stay, be sure to use Berger Realty to help you find your vacation rental.

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