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Top 5 Best Reasons To Invest in a Beach Home in Ocean City, NJ

Top 5 Best Reasons To Invest in a Beach Home in Ocean City, NJ

Who can resist having a fantastic and calming ocean view or being within walking distance of the beach? If a scenic beach view is your dream, then check us out! At Berger Realty, we have a wide selection of Ocean City, NJ waterfront homes for sale that will convince you to invest in a property ASAP.

1. Beach Home Appreciation Is Higher

On average, beach houses are more likely to appreciate faster and retain their value longer than permanent residential and commercial properties. According to a news report, New Jersey is among the states with the most beach houses that increased in value during the pandemic.

2. Exquisite View

It's undeniable that Ocean City, NJ, beachfront houses have one of the most exquisite natural views in the country. Because of its irresistible scenery, the city has become one of the most visited places in the state, making it a breeding ground of opportunities for any resident or visitor.

3. High Rental Opportunities

Investing in a beach home in Ocean City, NJ, is a great way to start your rental business. Depending on the geography and property type, you can charge a higher rental rate for a beach home than a typical house.

On average, a bed and breakfast rental property with 530 square feet costs around $403 per night. You can charge a higher rate for a larger property.

4. Resale Opportunity

As of writing, the median selling point of most beach home properties in Ocean City, NJ, is around $1,149,000. The average size of houses around this price range is 1,130 square feet. Compared to the median selling point of beach home properties in the area last year, you can observe significant growth in resale value. A year ago, the selling point of Ocean City properties was around $889,900 for 1,126 square feet.

5. Thriving Economy in the Area

One of the most prevalent factors that you must consider when investing in real estate is the area's economy. A thriving economy is a good sign that your investment will grow over time. The good news is that Ocean City's economy is stable and expected to continue growing. Ocean city's unemployment rate is low at 3.8%, which means plenty of job opportunities in the area.

Additionally, the median household income in Ocean City, NJ, is $70,871, which is higher than the state's median income of $60,293.

Ready To Invest in Your Next Beach Home in Ocean City, NJ?

If you're looking for a sound investment that will give you long-term growth potential, investing in NJ shore houses for sale is a wise choice.

Not only will you bask in the scenic view and the opportunity to earn from rental income, but you'll also have peace of mind knowing that your investment is in good hands.

Berger Realty is a long-standing real estate investment company that helps homeowners find their dream beach homes in Ocean City, NJ. Our company was established in 1920, and since then, we have made it our mission to provide quality service and properties to our clients. If you're interested in investing in a beach home in Ocean City, NJ, contact us today and let's discuss your options.

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