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Reasons To Buy A Beach Home in the Winter

Reasons To Buy A Beach Home in the Winter

Purchasing one of the many vacation homes in Ocean City, NJ is a huge decision. There are many advantages to buying in the winter months. Maybe the idea of being on the beach right now doesn't sound as warm as it did a couple of months ago, but the buying market looks a little different in the winter. Do not wait until the Spring! Here are some reasons why winter is the best time to buy.

Competition is Low

It is pretty well-known that the competition for purchasing beach homes is low across Ocean City and the East Coast during the winter. Because the weather is chilly and most are not planning to stay in the vacation home in the near future, they put off the sale until the weather gets warmer. With limited competition, this means that home prices are also more affordable and not being driven up by bidding wars.

Moving and Storage Services Available

Because there is less competition, that means that storage services and moving services are more readily available for you in the winter. What might have delayed you with a summer purchase may not be an issue in the winter. You can get moved in right away and secure your storage if necessary. Movers have longer schedules and higher demand in the summer and spring months when the beach houses are being sold at their highest.

Faster Closing and Overall Process

When there is a lot of competition happening, the closing and even the buying process can seem to take a long time. In the winter months, you can close on your new beach home rather quickly so that you can get in there and get it prepared for the summer. When there are a lot of houses being sold in the same time period, this can have your mortgage lender and your realtor backed up and unable to schedule the fastest meeting times.

Embrace Tax Credits

There are some credits you get when you purchase a second home. If you do this in the winter before the calendar year starts over, you have access to these tax credits and could save yourself some money in the next tax season. If you wait until the spring, you will not get the tax credit until the following tax year. While there is the promise of next year, that money could help you do any last-minute preparations or make necessary purchases that your vacation home needs.

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