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What's Fishing Like in Ocean City, NJ?

What's Fishing Like in Ocean City, NJ

Experience a Real Fishing Adventure in Ocean City, NJ

After taking a look at everything you can do on the Ocean City, NJ beach, you may wonder how you're going to fit it all into your schedule. One activity that can't be overlooked is fishing. There are tons of incredible fishing adventures to be had in the town. Renting through Berger Realty, you can be sure that you're only a few feet from all of the best fishing spots.

What Kinds of Fish Can You Catch in Ocean City, NJ?

While some vacation places may only offer a few different varieties of fish, at Ocean City, you're going to find tons. Some of the most common fish you can find around Ocean City are:

  • Sea bass
  • Flounder
  • Striped bass
  • Sea trout
  • Channel catfish
  • Sheepshead
  • Sharks

It all depends on where you want to fish first. If you want to stick close to the surf, then you'll likely find kingfish, flounder, sharks, and bluefish. In certain months, bluefish and striped bass fishing can be extremely exciting. The fish feeding frenzy is a sight to behold.

If you want to explore deeper inland, then you'll find fish at the bays and creeks in the area like sea trout and croaker.

Those who travel to the Delaware Bay for a day of fishing will find even more varieties like drumfish and catfish.

The sheer number of different varieties ensures you're never going to grow bored fishing in Ocean City. You'll need to make sure you have the right lures and bait to land the fish of your dreams.

Are There Fishing Tours in Ocean City, NJ?

One advantage of using our Ocean City, NJ rentals is that you're never too far from the ocean. This ensures that you're able to find fishing charter tours. You'll be taken to key areas where you can find incredible fish. You may even find yourself in the deep ocean with the catch of a lifetime.

Depending on the tour you join, you may also be able to enjoy other activities like a relaxing meal or sightseeing in the area. This ensures that anyone with you has just as much fun as you.

Can You Rent Fishing Equipment in Ocean City, NJ?

If you didn't bring your fishing equipment with you or you need a fishing boat, then you'll find plenty to rent out at Ocean City. No matter what you need, someone is sure to have it.

Start Your Fishing Adventure Today

With tons of fish to catch, you don't want to waste a moment. Rent your perfect vacation room in Ocean City, NJ today through Berger Realty. We'll make sure you're close to the fish.

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