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Does Ocean City Have Good Beaches?

Does Ocean City Have Good Beaches?

Everyone loves a good trip to the beach every once in a while. Maybe you’re interested in leaving the hustle and bustle and researching Ocean City, NJ apartments for sale? Did you know that Ocean City, NJ is home to some of the greatest beaches bordering eight miles of the pristine Atlantic Ocean?

Voted as New Jersey’s favorite beach in 2019 and 2021, find out what makes it one of the most popular places to visit and live at the Shore.

Best Beaches in Ocean City

Ocean City is great but it can be overwhelming to pick what part of the 8-Mile long beach to enjoy. Find out more about some of the most popular sections to bond with family and/or engage in some water fun!

9th Street

9th Street’s beach starts from the 9th Street Bridge and ends at a breathtaking beachfront, where all the action happens. Due to its accessibility, it has become one of the most popular and crowded sections of Ocean City. But don’t avoid the people. 9th Street is also one of the most fun places to be. With the nearby boardwalk, amusement zones, and restaurants, it’s rich with exciting activities to keep you coming back all year long.

Waverly Surfing Beach

If you go to beaches primarily for surfing, a great Ocean City beach to visit is Waverly Surfing Beach. It’s found at the island’s north end. Unlike 9th Street beach, Waverly Surfing Beach is less crowded and more isolated, so you can enjoy your time in peace with only the sound of the waves to keep you company. The best part is the waves and the gorgeous view of Atlantic City’s skyline.

Corson’s Inlet State Park

One of our best-kept secret beaches is Corson’s Inlet State Park. To get there, you need to walk from the bridge to the shore until you reach the oceanfront. Alternatively, you can trek along a sandy path, through the dunes and the trees to find a beautiful sea view. It truly is a wondrous sight to see, especially if you want to get away from the busy Ocean City center.

Reasons To Live in Ocean City

If the beaches are not enough to convince you to move closer to the city, perhaps these reasons will:

Safety and Security

Ocean City’s officials keep your safety and security a top priority. You’ll also constantly see our find Ocean City Police Department patrolling the island. It’s one of many great reasons to contact Ocean City, NJ beach real estate. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy peace and comfort all year round?

Family Friendly

If budget is something you’re worried about, Ocean City has plenty of places to stay and activities to enjoy. From spending time at an oceanfront property to visiting the amusement parks on the boardwalk, families continue to come time and time again to make the best of memories.

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Now that you know what you’re getting into when you visit our city, perhaps you’d want to include it in your next travel plans — or as a permanent vacation spot!

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