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Buying A Beach House Vs A Beach House Rental

Buying A Beach House Vs A Beach House Rental

If you are thinking about buying a beach house in New Jersey, you might be wondering if it's a great idea. There are many benefits to buying beachfront property. To help you decide if it's a good investment, below are some of the benefits to consider.

1. Appreciation

One of the first reasons to buy a beach home in Ocean City is appreciation. This is because most home buyers like the feeling of being on the water. Ocean City, NJ beachfront homes for sale are almost double in value compared to similar homes that are not near the beach. Because of this, it is easy to see how a beachfront property is a good investment to consider.

2. The View

There are not many people that wouldn't love to wake up each morning to a view of the ocean. Some of the best beachfront views in America are right in New Jersey. It is an added benefit that your beach view will cost less than some other coastal areas around the country such as in California and Hawaii.

3. Rental Opportunities

When you are determining whether to buy a beach house for yourself or as a rental, there are a lot of factors to consider. If you want to rent your beach house out, you will not have any trouble finding tenants ready to wake up each morning to the beautiful ocean view. It is prime Ocean City NJ beach real estate.

4. Resale Potential

Another reason to buy a beachfront property in New Jersey is that they have great resale value. Unlike other types of property, water-front properties don't often last long on the market, and they often get bought for above the listed asking price.

5. Tax Breaks

Even if you don't rent out your vacation home, it can still be used as a tax deduction. As a New Jersey resident, you're bound to pay taxes as they come due each April. When you buy a vacation home, you can take advantage of new tax deductions. Some of these include interest on your mortgage and property taxes.

6. Secure Retirement

Most people dream about how they will spend their retirement years. If you are planning on living comfortably on the Jersey Shore, look no further than the shore towns. They are often slow and lazy during the year, so you can enjoy a relaxing lifestyle.

When you are ready to make the jump and buy a beach house in New Jersey, contact the professionals at Berger Realty. They are Ocean City's leader in real estate transactions!

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