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3 Must-Try Places For a Romantic Vacation In Ocean City

3 Must-Try Places For a Romantic Vacation In Ocean City

When you want to plan a romantic vacation for two, the beach is an ideal location. There is something about being close to the ocean that instantly invites a sense of calm and relaxation. A romantic getaway at the beach might be just what you and your partner need for some quality alone time! Check out our favorite romantic locations for a couple's getaway!

Corson's Inlet State Park

If you and your partner are into fishing, hiking, sunbathing, crabbing, and boating, Corson's Inlet State Park is for you. You will notice a beach with a small ramp for boats, as well as some space for off-road parking. If you like venturing out into the undergrowth, take care because there is poison ivy in it. Ensure when you go hiking, you stay on the trails that have been marked out, this aids in guarding the delicate environment of dunes.

The Beach Walks

Walking along the beach has always been a good way to spend a romantic vacation together. The beach walks along Corson's Inlet State Park guide you along the sand dune paths leading to the beach. There are beach walk volunteers available to assist you in seeing the beach from a perspective that is different and new. In addition, they share with you their knowledge of sea life, water, sand, and birds. Each of these guides has their own specialty, so taking a beach walk is a new experience no matter how often you do it.

The Bayside Center

You can find the Bayside Center in Ocean City, NJ located at 520 Bay Avenue. The Bayside Center has beautiful sunsets and offers the bay's relaxing atmosphere to couples seeking a romantic retreat. It is a home built in 1910 owned by Cape May County and operated by the City of Ocean City. There are 1.9 acres of vintage property used as a recreational environmental facility full of history.

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