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  We are committed to taking care of our customers before and after the sale by not only selling our clients a property, but also working hard to make sure our clients have the best opportunity to get their homes rented.

Leon K. Grisbaum, Owner

We understand your special needs, concerns and the many demands you have on your time. That's why at Berger realty we work efficiently to price your property and prepare it for sale. Take advantage of our complete real estate services.

Working together to sell your property - When it comes to selling a property, there are many things we can all agree on. These mutual objectives define the partnership, and foster the spirit of teamwork that will be instrumental to our shared success. Finding buyers is just part of our job - but it isn't everything. Here's where our experience and expertise contribute significantly to the success of the transaction.

Preparation - We will evaluate your property, prepare a market analysis and prepare marketing materials.

Marketing - We list your property on the Internet and the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). We advertise and promote the property, arrange tours and showings, and supervise open houses. Ask you associate about additional marketing tools.

Closing the sale - We work to qualify prospective buyers, complete a purchase agreement, negotiate the sale, assist with financing, arrange inspections and appraisals, schedule, prepare for and participate in the closing.

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