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  Good Afternoon - Today is Monday, October 20


Ocean City Beach Replenishment

Ocean City is Awarded $4.5 M Grant for Beach Replenishment Ocean City, NJ - NJDEP Commissioner Lisa Jackson announced a $4.5 M grant for Ocean City to pump sand onto the northend beaches. These funds will be matched with $1.5M in City funds that were included in the 2007 Capital Plan.

The project is planned for next Spring and will include beaches from the Longport Bridge to 12th Street.

Mayor Sal Perillo stated, “On behalf of the citizens of Ocean City and our three million visitors, I would like to thank Commissioner Jackson and Governor Corzine for supporting beach protection by allocating $4.5 million for a joint City/State program.”

“The Corzine Administration has recognized the importance of our beaches both in terms of property protection and as an asset to our State's economy. Ocean City has the largest expanse of municipal public beach in the State.” Perillo noted.

The City of Ocean City has enjoyed a strong working relationship with the NJDEP in recent months with beach replenishment being the top priority. Other NJDEP projects include the permitting and reuse of the 34th Street dredge spoil site.

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